HARTFORD, CT – Today, Suzanne Bates, director of policy and legislative outreach for Yankee Institute, announced the release of a new study on jobs in Connecticut and the steps policy makers should take to create a brighter future for everyone through more jobs.

Just yesterday, lawmakers approved $220 million in credits and subsidies to keep Sikorsky in Connecticut. Long-term, it makes more sense to remove obstacles instead of using taxpayer money to convince companies to put up with them.

“Connecticut, we have a problem,” said Bates. “Policy makers in Hartford have erected too many barriers to job creation, which makes it harder for people to support themselves and their families.”

“Wage and employment trends are down all over the state, but especially for 25 to 34 year-olds in the Metro Hartford area,” said Bates. “The old adage is don’t die in Connecticut, but it seems too many people are having trouble living here too.”

“A recent Quinnipiac poll of Connecticut residents noted that 74% of those polled said they couldn’t find good jobs in their community,” said Bates. “And unfortunately, the state’s response has been to create more barriers to economic freedom rather than to take them down.”

“The study provides a harsh dose of reality along with a thoughtful and proven approach to open Connecticut’s economy, grow jobs and allow everyone equal opportunity for success,” said Bates. “Unlike the top-down, one-size-fits-all approach taken by too many in Hartford, our proposals cost the state nothing and instead empower innovators and enterprising individuals to start businesses and hire people in Connecticut.”

“We believe Connecticut can work,” said Bates. “But only if we cut red-tape and empower people to take our economy into the future.”

A copy of the study can be found here: http://www.yankeeinstitute.org/policy-papers/connecticut-can-work-more-jobs-for-a-brighter-future/

For more information about Connecticut Can Work! visit: http://www.ConnecticutCanWork.org/

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