Are you having difficulty finding a job that compensates you fairly for your hard work?


Are you an independent contractor or small business owner tired of being bossed around by a bureaucratic culture full of red tape?

Connecticut’s overall job growth continues to lag behind the nation. According to a 2014 Gallup Poll, almost half of the state’s residents say they want to relocate, citing the lack of good jobs as a primary reason.

FACT: Between 2011 and 2014, Connecticut had a net loss of 44,000 people and $5 billion in taxable income to other states.

There’s a Solution – Connecticut isn’t a lost cause

With your help, we can change the narrative. Through its CONNECTICUT CAN WORK! campaign, we’re proposing reforms that will make it easier to hire and work in our state at no cost to taxpayers. A better economy means better jobs which mean a better life for people across Connecticut.

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The centerpiece of CONNECTICUT CAN WORK! is a toolbox comprised of 11 reforms. Each of these reforms make it easier to hire and work in Connecticut right away. And at no cost to the state or to you, the already-overburdened taxpayer!

Yankee Institute proposed these reforms because our beloved state is struggling. While we certainly need major changes, we shouldn’t discount the small opportunities that will help return Connecticut and its citizens to prosperity.

Visit our toolbox of reforms that will help get Connecticut back to work.

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